Robotics Innovation Facility

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The Robotics Innovation Facility (RIF) is a European funded programme that brings researchers and industry in direct contact with current and new users of robotic technologies. Located within BRL, the RIF is equipped with a number of robots, vision systems and other items of automation.

Three dedicated personnel service the RIF and support its offerings with additional assistance provided by the BRL technical support team and other engineers and scientists employed in the laboratory as and when required.

Key areas of research and engagement

The Bristol RIF will provide access to equipment and expertise to assist with:

  • Estimating and analysing market size for new products, services or a processes
  • Design of novel end-effectors and sensors
  • Proof of concept demonstrations in novel robot application areas
  • Integration of robotic systems in manufacturing, health, training, entertainment etc.
  • Human/machine interface and robot programing
  • Requirement analysis and concept demonstration in the field of Assisted Living and Medical Robotics
  • Application and demonstration of robotics in agriculture, horticulture and food production

Bristol RIF is currently running a series of Beta trials including participants from startup companies in gaming and entertainment, established consumer product companies and educational establishments.

The projects have addressed areas of end-effector design and proof of concept, assistance with design of controller for gaming robots, preparation of parts for teaching robots etc. The Beta trials will test the various interfaces with the potential clients, liaisons, definition of performance metrics, scheduling etc.

As part of our continued dialogue with potential new users of robotics and automation, a number of workshops will be presented over the next five years including Mechatronics, Robotics, Intellectual Property and Finance.

Bristol Robotics Laboratory is also responsible for the coordination of activities of RIFs in SSSA, Pisa in Italy, the CEA, Paris in France and BRL, Bristol in the United Kingdom.

Page last updated 12 July 2016