BRL Incubatee Alumni

BRL Technology Business Incubator - Alumni

Agilic Founded by Harry Gee, an architecture graduate from UWE, Agilic is currently focused on developing and releasing its first product The PiBot to a global audience on the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform. TiddlyBot
Folium Optics Folium Optics was founded in late 2013 by John Rudin and Steve Kitson, formerly at Hewlett Packard Laboratories Bristol. We have over 15 years’ experience of developing. Folium Optics has been created to bring novel plastic display technologies to market. Our colour reflective displays look great in all lighting conditions, are low power, thin, robust and can be curved and novel shapes. FoliumOptics
Open Bionics Founded by Joel Gibbard and Sammy Payne, Open Bionics aims is to make robotic prosthetic hands more accessible to amputees. Open Bionics
Reach Robotics Founded by Silas Adekunle, Reach Robotics is bringing video gaming into the real world by combining augmented reality and robotics. Reach Robotics
Restech Zan Nadeem is a UWE Robotics graduate and founder of Restech, an award winning, social enterprise that specialises in Robotics Education. Restech works with schools, youth centres, universities and various other type of organisations who work with young people and are interested in running projects with kids that involve: Robots, Programming, Computer Science and Electronics. Restech
Walk to Beat Walk to Beat is developing an aesthetically designed medical aid with integrated technology to help Parkinson's patients overcome freezing and gait problems. Inventor Neha Shahid Chaudhry is a Product Design Technology graduate from UWE and has been awarded start-up funding from UNLTD to establish her business. Walk to Beat

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