BRL Incubatee Companies

BRL Technology Business Incubator Start-ups

Altitude Tech Altitude Tech was founded by BRL students Sam Nwankwo, Frazer Barnes and Ali Rohafza, alongside undergraduates from UWE’s Computer Science and Product Design courses. The company is developing a number of intelligent products for the home. Altitude Tech
AON2 AON2 designs and manufactures wearable altimeters for skydiving and other aerial sports. AON2
Aquila Aerospace Aquila Aerospace are Aerospace avionics specialists with expertise in autonomous flight through the application of artificial intelligence to control systems. Aquila Aerospace
Blino Blino are developing the next generation of sleep technology integrating EEG headsets alongside new hardware accessories to improve well-being. Blino Logo
Bristol Maritime Robotics Ltd Bristol Maritime Robotics aims to establish a tactile maritime whisker development framework, by taking the product of research and making it robust enough to be useful outside of scientific study, and in turn providing a stronger foundation for future research. Bristol Maritime Robotics Ltd
Conscious Machines Conscious Machines is dedicated to advancing the emerging science and technology of conscious machines and robots, through contract and proprietary research and product development. Founder Professor Owen Holland has held academic posts in psychology, electrical engineering, computer science, and cognitive robotics, and has also worked in industry and in private research institutes. He has been studying machine consciousness for almost 20 years, and obtained the first ever government funding for a machine consciousness project. Conscious Machines
Consequential Robotics Consequential Robotics delivers the best of British & international design and engineering to the development of next generation consumer and commercial robots. Consequential Robotics
Dawn Robotics Recently founded by Alan Broun, who is completing a PhD in Robotics at the BRL, Dawn Robotics makes and sells robot kits and components for education and research. Their most successful product, a Raspberry Pi camera robot kit, transforms the Pi into a fun mobile robot which can be driven with a tablet, smartphone or computer. Dawn Robotics
DroneX DroneX designs and develops Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV`s / drones) and related technologies for commercial and scientific customers. Their expertise in software, electronics and mechanical design enables them to create entirely unique machines that are customised to individual needs. The company offers a valuable new perspective, by solving complex problems with modern solutions. Dronex
e-Motion Engineering e-Motion Engineering - The home of creativity and forward thinking minds developing innovative technology solutions. Specialists for electric longboards, UAV Design and Aerial Footage. e-Motion Engineering
Marble Marble develops aerial vehicles for unmanned applications, to enable the growing drone industry with the right physical platforms needed to scale commercial applications. Marble
Mindsketch A partnership between Charley Millard and Daniel Stuart Cross, UWE product design students on a third year self-employed work placement. Mindsketch is a product design consultancy, which aims to solve problems through innovative creative and technological solutions. MindSketch
OmniDynamics Founders David Graves and Gregory Gruszecki are working to bring their first product to market – Strooder, a 3D Printing Filament Maker that produces bespoke filament in many materials, in any colour from recycled plastic or pellets.
They are now working with a UK manufacturer to produce their products and engaged with several retailers to extend their reach following a successful crowdfunding round of £64K achieving their target in just 11 hours of launch.
OmniDynamics Strooder
Perceptual Robotics Perceptual Robotics is developing Dhalion, an autonomous inspection platform for wind turbines and more. It utilizes an intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle to acquire inspection data which is distilled to identified defects.
Designed as an inspection tool for existing maintenance teams, Dhalion provides informed decision making and preventative maintenance capabilities at the press of a button.
Perceptual Robotics
Surface Visual / Aralia Eleanor Wright is a recent graduate in Marketing from UWE’s Faculty of Business and Law. She is managing Surface Visual, a spinout of Aralia Systems, which provides advanced intelligent video surveillance solutions for today’s complex world. Aralia
Tegru Ltd Tegru aims to reduce the impact of air pollution in the urban environment. Its product, an intelligent, adaptive filtration mask enables users to ‘breathe’ unrestricted airflow while passing through less polluted areas and then increasing protection in areas of higher congestion and pollution. Tegru
VRGO VRGO are developing a new kind of connected chair that enables people to move within virtual reality without the need for a controller. VRGO
Yu-Scan Yu-scan develop with the central aim for manufacture decentralised, digitised and disruptive health technology solutions; currently a health tracker with unique abilities and a falls device removing the need to alarm. Yu-Scan

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