CHIRON (Care at Home using Intelligent Robotic Omni-functional Nodes)

Project Aim

This is an Innovate UK funded project. The CHIRON project will be developing a connected system of modular robotic components, which can be adapted to different assistive tasks. CHIRON's various components will be designed to be mixed and matched.

This will enable the person using CHIRON to undertake a wide range of domestic and self‐care tasks independently, which for some people could mean that their carer would then have more time to spend providing valuable social companionship. The project will create a prototype that will lead to the development of a commercially viable product.


The CHIRON consortium is led by Designability, specialists in assistive technology solutions that enhance people's lives. The key technology partners are Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) and Shadow Robot Company, experts in conducting pioneering research and development in robotics. Award winning social enterprise care provider, Three Sisters Care will bring user-centred design to the core of the project, with Telemetry Associates providing project management support. Smart Homes & Buildings Association, specialists in telecare and assisted living, will bring sector knowledge to the project to support commercialisation.

View the UWE Press Office CHIRON press release.

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