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A secure, multi-application network of shared sensors for assisted living, energy efficiency and home security

Most sensor systems today are single purpose and live in silos e.g. a connected burglar alarm has no other use and shares no data or sensors with any other service. In addition, the popular model is for the data to be processed in the cloud (often with globally visible sensors), and security is an added afterthought.

This project will develop a novel secure, multi-application network of shared sensors for use in assisted living, energy efficiency and home security. It will show a platform for:

  1. the secure sharing of sensors by multiple services, and
  2. local, autonomous processing which eliminates human interaction, enables sensor monitoring and repurposing, and generates actionable data for use by both humans and machines.

Continuum Bridge (Project Lead) will manage the study and provide the sensors, local sensor network and infrastructure. At the Bristol Robotics Lab, UWE will develop and test behavioural analysis algorithms for intelligent alert generation.

The study will show how simple sensors can be integrated with complex ones. UWE will draw on their current and previous research in the area of assisted living and intelligent decision making, to formulate a set of test cases. Real data will be collated from the sensors, followed by data pre-processing and analysis, comprising feature analysis and characterisation of the sensor input for data fusion from multiple sensors and iterative development of adaptive learning algorithms.

The algorithms developed will be validated to assess the feasibility of using data from across the multi-application network of sensors for adaptive activity recognition and tracking within the context of the test scenarios. For future work, BRL, UWE will investigate integrating the algorithms with social robots to support independent living.

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