FLOURISH – empowerment through trusted secure mobility

Project Aim

This is an Innovate UK funded three year project with academic partners associated with the EPSRC. Connected and autonomous vehicles will play a significant role in a future transport system and unlock enormous social benefits at the same time.

FLOURISH looks to enable the delivery of many of these benefits by helping to ensure that connected and autonomous vehicle are developed with the user in mind and are technically secure, trustworthy and private. UWE researchers with expertise in applied psychology and human factors, assistive technology and understanding people's transport requirements, will work with older adults with a range of needs and expectations.

Working with Designability we will develop of a set of key scenarios considering people's travel needs and barriers and constraints related to the participants' accessibility needs. Our research findings will further support inclusive public service design and policymaking.

We will also contribute to the design and development (through ongoing human factors testing) of adaptable Human-Machine interfaces (HMIs) which are responsive to people's different accessibility needs. Target‐user groups will have a complex range of co‐morbidities which can result in impaired vision, loss of hearing, painful or restricted mobility, poor movement control and issues with balance and difficulties with speech, memory and attention, including occasional confusion. This project will help to reduce carer burden by helping people maintain their independence and mobility – get to doctor’s appointments, go out shopping and socialise on their own.


The project is led by Atkins and includes Age UK, Airbus Group Innovations, Aiseedo, AXA, Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Councils, Imtech, OPM Group, Transport Simulation Systems, Transport Systems Catapult and the University of Bristol.

View the UWE Press Office FLOURISH Press Release.

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