Smart automation


  • To bring advanced robotics and automation from laboratory into the real world applications

Key Objectives

The group will pursue objectives that lead to the following when considering automated systems:

  • Affordability – value for money, it is commercially justifiable to acquire and operate.
  • Reliability – operate at an acceptable level of performance, will meet its functional requirements and will have sufficient redundancy to allow graceful degradation of service.
  • Friendliness – user interactions are simple, the user does not need extensive education and training to make use of the device and the robot and humans can co-exists in the same physical space without the need for extensive guarding.
  • Robustness – handle uncertainty in physical dimension, forces, locations and other environmental variables etc.
  • Flexibility – can do more than one job – is not limited to one type of product or task but can easily switch between tasks and products of similar nature.

Key Enabling Technologies

  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Software
  • Materials of construction
  • Machine elements
  • Communication

The approach adopted will concentrate on integration of the above technologies.

Theme Leader

Smart Automation Team

Page last updated 15 March 2018