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Would you feel confident of approaching and touching a heavy duty production assembly robot in operation?

Safe interaction of humans with robots

Our goal is to bring future generations of humans and humanoid robots together, which requires safe interaction of humans with robots. Basic requirements are force and shock compliance to avoid injury to humans, while the robot fulfils ‘control’ tasks, i.e. the handling of a filled coffee cup.

In order to achieve this we pursue research into novel, advanced, robust, nonlinear and adaptive control methods where the practical requirements of robotic systems drive our theoretical interests in control.

Our novel control approaches allow not only for compliance but also for human-like motion, resolving the problem of link redundancy in a human fashion.

Confidence, safety and task completion

Hence, our work has focussed on three different aspects of human / robot interaction:

  1. Humanoid robot motion to improve confidence in the interaction;
  2. Compliance to guarantee safety in the event of collision;
  3. Task completion, ensure the robot can still perform useful tasks within the constraints of aspects 1 and 2.

For this research we currently use two robot platforms developed by Elumotion Ltd: BERUL (Bristol Elumotion Robotic Upper Limb) and BERT (Bristol Elumotion Robotic Torso)

BERUL and BERT robots

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Theme Leader

Project people

  • Mr Adam Spiers (2007-date)
    PhD Supervisors : G. Herrmann, C. Melhuish
  • Mr Said Khan (2008-date)
    PhD Supervisors : T. Pipe, C. Melhuish, G. Herrmann
  • Mr Khairi Ishak (2008-date)
    PhD Supervisors : G. Herrmann, A. Munro
  • Mr Jamal Jalani (2008-date)
    PhD Supervisors : G. Herrmann, C. Melhuish

Significant input from:

  • Professor Stuart Burgess
  • Dr Guido Herrmann, (Group Leader)
  • Mr. Alexander Lenz
  • Professor Chris Melhuish
  • Professor Alistair Munro
  • Dr Tony Pipe
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