EcoBot IV - Miniaturisation and Multiplication

EcoBot IV

Small scale Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) and Stacks for improved power generation and practical implementation.

EPSRC grant no: EP/H019480/1

Project Aims

  • Fabricating smaller scale units and examining the effects of miniaturisation.
  • Introducing different materials as electrodes, membranes and various chamber parts.
  • Developing and constructing a test rig, which allows continuous monitoring (fluidic and electrical) of MFC units within a stack.

Project Objectives

  • Compare and contrast different configurations and connections when operated across a wide range of conditions such as substrates of different concentration or flow rates.
  • Provide a better understanding in pairing the power requirements of various electronic applications (robotic or non-robotic) with the power generated by MFC stacks.

Expected Outcome or Outcome / Project Goal

  • Development and construction of a test rig, capable of controlling the fluidic and electrical setup of individual MFCs to other units.

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Theme Leader

Contact Details

George Papaharalabos
PhD researcher in Microbial Fuel Cells & Robotics
Bristol BioEnergy Centre
Bristol Robotics Laboratory
University of the West of England
Coldharbour Lane
Bristol, BS16 1QY
Tel: +44 (0) 117 328 6350

Project Supervisors

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