CHRIS: Cooperative Human Robot Interactive Systems

CHRIS project robots in action

The overall goal of this project is to address the fundamental issues which enable safe Human Robot Interaction (HRI).

CHRIS aimed to:

  • Understand how human cooperative action occurs both cognitively and physically within a set of chosen representative application domains
  • Encapsulate these elements and implement them on a robotic platform
  • Assess the safety of human-robot interactions from the aspect of physical safety, behavioural safety, and cognitive understanding, and investigate ways of implementing these as robust features in robotic platforms
  • Develop the engineering principles required to ensure the robot platform is capable of controlled intelligent movement, both gross and dexterous, to perform cooperative tasks with humans
  • Formal verification for the low-level motor controller code, good engineering practice for the higher levels, special tests to verify the quality of the inputs from sensors


For more details about the CHRIS project, please watch the movie or visit the CHRIS project web site.

The EU FP7 project CHRIS (Cooperative Human Robot Interaction Systems FP7 215805) was launched in March 2008 and ended in February 2012.

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