Soft robotics

Soft robotics elements in development

Soft robotics seeks to release robots from the constraints of hard materials such as metal and plastic and develop artificial muscles and organs more analogous to biological systems.

About soft robotics

Soft robotics technology seeks to make robots that are soft, flexible and compliant, just like biological organisms.

Soft robotics projects

Energy efficient dielectric elastomer actuators for artificial muscles

Soft structures can achieve complex movements and are more adaptable than traditional rigid arrangements.

Multi-segment ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC) soft robotics

Investigating the fabrication and exploitation of these composite materials.

Printing robots

Developing novel methods for printing complete robotics in three dimensions.

Theme Leader

Soft robotics team

  • Dr Jonathan Rossiter
  • Dr Peter Walter
  • Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos
  • Dr Lily Chambers
  • Dr Andrew Conn
  • Miss Amy Bowers
  • Miss Hemma Philamore
  • Mr Sina Sareh

International collaborators

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