TAROS 2018 Prizes and Nominations

There are four prizes available at TAROS this year. Nominations are listed below, and winners will be announced at 16:00 on the 27th July, before the closing of the conference. After the announcement this site will be updated.

Nominees for Best Paper sponsored by UK-RAS Network

Jing Wu, Ze Ji. Seeing the Unseen: Locating Objects from Reflections.

Letizia Marchegiani, Paul Newman. Learning to listen to your ego-(motion): Metric Motion Estimation from Auditory Signals.

Richard French, Alice Cryer, Gabriel Kapellmann-Zafra, Hector Marin-Reyes. Evaluating the Radiation Tolerance of a Robotic Finger.

Nominees for Best Student Paper in memory of Professor Ulrich Nehmzow

James Wilson, Jonathan Timmis, Andy Tyrrell. A Hormone Arbitration System For Energy Efficient Foraging In Robot Swarms.

Cihan Uyanik, Sezgin Secil, Metin Ozkan, Helin Dutagaci, Kaya Turgut, Osman Parlaktuna. SPGS: A New Method for Autonomous 3D Reconstruction of Unknown Objects by an Industrial Robot.

Sergi Molina, Grzegorz Cielniak, Tomas Krajnik, Tom Duckett. Modelling and Predicting Rhythmic Flow Patterns in Dynamic Environments.

Nominees for Best Poster sponsored by UK-RAS Network

Ke Wang, Aksat Shah, Petar Kormushev. SLIDER: A Novel Bipedal Walking Robot without Knees.

Barnali Das, Gordon Dobie, Stephen Gareth Pierce. State Estimation of Delays in Telepresence Robot Navigation Using Bayesian Approaches.

Nominees for Prize for Innovation in Robotics sponsored by the IET

Tim Helps, Majid Taghavi, Sarah Manns, Ailie Turton, Jonathan Rossiter. Easy Undressing with Soft Robotics.

Khaled Elgeneidy, Pengcheng Liu, Simon Pearson, Niels Lohse, Gerhard Neumann. Printable Soft Grippers with Integrated Bend Sensing for Handling of Crops.

Alberto Caenazzo, Kaspar Althoefer. Hypertonic Saline Solution for Signal Transmission and Steering in MRI-guided Intravascular Catheterisation.


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